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NeuroHealth Solutions provides individualized healthcare specializing in acquired brain injury, accident injury, concussion, migraine headaches, anti aging and psychotherapy. 

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NeuroHealth Solutions (NHS) offers forward-thinking solutions for people suffering from concussion, traumatic brain injuries, stroke risks, stroke symptoms, migraine headaches, and other neurological disorders. Applying state-of-the-art integration of neuroscience technology, NHS has developed Cutting-Edge proprietary systems and unique, drug-free, non-noninvasive Health and Wellness Plans to Optimize the Mind, Activate the Body, and Improve Quality of Life. 

Our Services

Neuro Health & Wellness Plan

Optimize the Mind * Activate the Body * Improve Quality of Life

Concussion Acquired Brain Injury

Head injuries are common in work injuries, auto accidents, sports injuries, slip & fall accidents.


A neurological condition characterized by headaches that can be severe, lasting hours to days.

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