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An Overview of our Products & Services

Performance Research Sciences, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates are committed to proprietary projects that have both a National and Global impact on Recovery, Rehabilitation and Enhanced Performance in the fields of neuroscience (epidemiology, proteomics, genomics, pharmocogenics, metabolomics), professional healthcare, life skills development, nutrition, exercise and wellness. Performance Research Sciences focuses on human performance modalities and individuals with autism spectrum disorders, neurological diseases, neuromotor dysfunctions and sustained active living and longevity. PRS has a fundamental goal to change the world we live in by optimizing the mind, activating the body and improving the quality of life across all demographics. The following products and services are borne from the latest discoveries in human performance, neuroscience and technology with constant revisions in methodologies and protocols as new discoveries are made each and every day.

NeuroHealth Plans
NeurOptimization Devices
Advanced Simulation Therapy Units
HealthForce Nutrition
InnerBalance Heart Math
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